Virgil and Owen are best friends! But sometimes even best friends can be very different. Virgil loves to be the first one to school. Owen likes to take his time. Virgil always raises his hand the fastest. Owen likes to think things through. One day Virgil hurries Owen a bit too much, and their friendship is suddenly on thin ice. Will Virgil be able to see that a little patience goes a long way between friends?
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School Library Journal • Virgil & Owen • Grades PreS-Gr 1

Virgil, a penguin, and Owen, a polar bear, are best friends who do everything together. Owen loves math, writing his name, storytime, and lunch, but Virgil is always rushing him to finish these things. Owen gets so frustrated that he roars at Virgil, sending him flying into a pile of snow. The pals gently apologize to each other. The pen, watercolor, and gouache illustrations work nicely for the Arctic setting and are pleasing in their detail, color scheme, and expressiveness. Owen learns that he should tell Virgil if he is upset, and Virgil learns that he needs to be more considerate of Owen's feelings. This charming selection teaches kids that sometimes it takes a little bit of compromise to make a friendship work.

VERDICT A good pick for storytimes, and a sweet general purchase for most collections.—Liz Anderson, D.C. Public Library

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